Depth Perception by Herb Kauderer

Depth Perception Herb Kauderer                      One-eyed Polyphemus stands, towering over men and stares into the distant seas at bright striped sails & pounding drums.   He longs to leave his island home but has no idea how far away the shore.   first appeared…

Satyr Insane by Herb Kauderer

Satyr Insane Herb Kauderer                      Kar-chon sits anchored in the stream of soulless & damned that rages through the underworld.   Crowds push at his rocky mount surging blindly sometimes even shaking the stones he stoically rests upon.   Stationed, he grinds his hooves…

Medusa by Herb Kauderer

Medusa Herb Kauderer Late at night she lies awake dreaming of her beautiful blind lover. She can see his face       through closed eyes & imagines the sweet feel      of his embrace. She pretends the caresses she feels      are not her own…

Space Efficient by Herb Kauderer

Space Efficient Herb Kauderer   The legends of outer space call the void empty and lonely. I live shoulder to shoulder among four million people on a generation ship. I wonder what lonely means.

Arachnid Defense by Herb Kauderer

Arachnid Defense Herb Kauderer Alien attack repelled. Nuclear option wins war. shadows still holding hands blasted into brick, hominids reduced to soot.

Having Touched Sky by Herb Kauderer

Having Touched Sky Herb Kauderer Pegasus should have freed Equus ferus from the tyranny of dirt and gravity, but once aloft the winds he could not force himself to settle down and breed.

look the other way by Herb Kauderer

look the other way Herb Kauderer   tidally locked moon looks down on a dead planet survivors travel settle on distant farside to keep from facing the past

what lay underfoot by Herb Kauderer

what lay underfoot Herb Kauderer in the cold of a frigid moon in the land of microscopic silicate crabs a city died late at night when red-lit hunters landed with no care for what lay underfoot & no awareness of their need for what…

Doom by Herb Kauderer

Doom Herb Kauderer Hobbled in alien chains the noble hero routine fails. Sinew cannot break this unknown metal. A strong heart cannot tumble down the stones in these prison walls. A hero’s handsomeness cannot sway non-human guards who do not look. Only a keen-edged…

listener by Herb Kauderer

listener Herb Kauderer on nights like this when lightning chases leaves down the mountain and the wind stalks the grass like a cat the eastern gods walk as long ago you can hear them calling each other in the thunder and on a distant…