Temporal Loop by Armand J. Azamar

Temporal Loop Armand J. Azamar Failing. The cycle repeats yet again. The failure clutches, The circumference of my mind. Will my device change the times? The clock brings no assurance. Will a flicker of newness finally exist? The seconds hobble and limp. The shining…

The Expedition by Armand J. Azamar

The Expedition Armand J. Azamar Treading cautiously, A plateau of cold and crimson dunes. The dust storms offer songs of courage Feet and mind persist onward, For another leap for mankind.

The Messenger God by Armand J. Azamar

The Messenger God Armand J. Azamar Where the heat of the Sun beats down, Where the craters remain razed of hope, We tread the lonely cliffs still, With no hope of a welcoming committee. Where no wind blows and the morning blinds.

Satellite of Sand by Armand J. Azamar

Satellite of Sand Armand J. Azamar A desert of forbidding cacti and suns, A smoking, old starship behind me, A Northern oasis of far, far before me. Confidence wavers and heat oppresses As the skeletons of sand-worms mock me.

Giant Hogweed by John C. Mannone

Giant Hogweed John C. Mannone Their evolution: like caustic words, the burning lye coursing through their green veins, furanocoumarins in their sap-stem stained purple, warted like sin branching out to all the world, white lacy umbels reaching to sun to soak sarcastic light slaked…

The River of Stars by Kendall Evans

The River of Stars by Kendall Evans Shall we not depart The Courts of the Moon Abandon the Chambers of Nautilus? Follow these tracks to Old Phobos Station— Let your shuttles recline at Asteroid Oasis Preparing at last for Jupiter Transit Tomorrow we sail…

Reality’s Weave by Kendall Evans

Reality’s Weave by Kendall Evans She handed me Reality’s weave All tangled up Worse than a Gordian knot And I thought: Do the Fates Really expect me To unravel this? From infras to ultras A disordered rainbow Of colorful threads Extending to infinity Some…

His Master’s Voice by Kendall Evans

His Master’s Voice by Kendall Evans Listen to His Master’s Voice Fire up the old Victrola Interpret all these messages From the cosmos’ past Encrypted in Al Jolson songs And Rudy Vallee’s crooning

Intended Purpose by Herb Kauderer

Intended Purpose Herb Kauderer I am a highly evolved machine programmed to look at the night sky. Eye, brain, arm enable starlight transmutation send it passing through my pen black ink on page recreating white light in a reader’s mind.

Bring Me Moa by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Bring Me Moa David C. Kopaska-Merkel Look at it 12 feet tall quarter of a ton that’s a gol durn dinosaur why did it take Cretaceous feathers for us to see? Ponderous tread Earth shook when those giant 3-toed feet struck the ground. Bring…

Selected Scifaiku by Richard H. Fay

wander the ether drift past strange and frightful beasts bodiless journey ray gun destruction end of civilization alien conquest clash of tempered steel armoured gladiators meet robotic war games gothic armour mainspring powers pulleys  clockwork knight green chitinous domes buzzing atop purple trees insectoid…

For in that Sleep, What Nightmares… by Lauren McBride

For in that Sleep, What Nightmares… Lauren McBride While comatose to travel space, Please someone check my pulse, my face and if you see a silent scream while I lie trapped within a dream, then wake me from this hell replayed. Don’t keep me…

Shades of Brown by Lauren McBride

Shades of Brown Lauren McBride I try to remember the colors of Earth: blue sky arching overhead, white clouds floating, green growth in abundance, riot of red and orange at sunset and autumn, palette of pastels come spring. But all turns ghostly here in…

Engagement: Set in Stone by Lauren McBride

Engagement: Set in Stone Lauren McBride He once romanced me with a candlelit dinner and stroll under three alien moons where the nights last thirty hours. We saw others from our world and many races new to us. For our one-year-together anniversary, he suggested…

The Glass Jar Present by Don Webb

The Glass Jar Present Don Webb Everything we perceive comes to us from the past. Everything we do goes into the future. — proverb Fil, grandson of Filip, grandson of Phillip, discovers a large glass jar in the side of a mound. It will…

stranded observatory by Herb Kauderer

stranded observatory Herb Kauderer the cylinder spins green grey bathing in starlight dining on icerocks skating on radiation on one side a light dies awaiting too long an errant spark a mutation of fuel side effect of cosmic rays a renewal of heat to…

new realities by Herb Kauderer

new realities Herb Kauderer in the core of an L-5 habitat a group gathers to share fanfare inside a sensor glove a hand squeezes & somewhere tachyons respond another hand strums air the room is filled with guitar chords the band plays without strings…

career change by Herb Kauderer

career change Herb Kauderer settled dust on scattered pieces of the remains of an environment suit turn the criminal investigator into an archeologist who picks from debris the stripped bones of a unique civilization seeking how this culture of one died out

Last Gleaming by Herb Kauderer

Last Gleaming Herb Kauderer Blue green fields of man background the gleaming hammer of Spacelane Robber Barons who keep striking at the heart of the cosmic retailing center. Economies of distant dying planets exhausting raw materials emit last gasps that blur the echo of…

failed diplomacy by Herb Kauderer

failed diplomacy Herb Kauderer at the foot of the lander’s ladder the creature lurks not really orange in this light, more tan & white with jagged edged ears and right fang shining over dropped lip the triangle jaw gives up tufts of the local…

Occupant by Denny E. Marshall

Occupant Denny E. Marshall Large crowds gather as the UFO lands Edge of the runway lined with red carpets Roars of applause as the gathered clap hands Select soldiers play welcoming trumpets Officials and officers wait by ship After the spacecraft makes contact with…

Breaking News (Version #1) by Denny E. Marshall

Breaking News (Version #1) Denny E. Marshall Heard sirens continually blow Breaking news interrupts the show Horns sounding not a tornado First landing of a UFO Anchor’s voice echoing with fear Stating, the facts are still not clear Announcement on the radio First landing…

At The Stars by Denny E. Marshall

At The Stars Denny E. Marshall Lying on your back looking at the stars Watching the rotations dance late at night Like millions of fireflies stored in jars. Lying on your back looking at the stars Glow of galaxies, suns, Venus, and Mars. Longing…

S Mail Received by Denny E. Marshall

S Mail Received Denny E. Marshall Moving toward the proto-stars View dust rings stringing like guitars Journey onward day after day Destination the Milky Way Passing along cloud nebula Competing with cluster gala Take in sights from the cargo bay Destination the Milky Way…

A Little Early by Denny E. Marshall

A Little Early Denny E. Marshall Ship makes entry into the atmosphere All are relieved destination is near Landing site on planets north hemisphere Soon the globes surface features become clear Once they land, first run test and check the air Some team members…

Search Party by Denny E. Marshall

Search Party Denny E. Marshall After a long voyage Aliens finally arrive To rescue their friends The search starts In the desert Soon all are arrested Back at the ship The remaining crew Tries to figure out What Area 51 means 1st Published in…

Spiral Arms Sky by Denny E. Marshall

Spiral Arms Sky Denny E. Marshall Border of spiral galaxy Mountain asteroid city shines Tall ice castle’s close together Surface cover of cold light snow A slight lean towards heavy side Slow spin rotates towns and shadows From balcony long arms reach out From…

Four Haiku by Denny E. Marshall

Four Haiku Denny E. Marshall Earth astronauts land On globe, surface all water One wooden ship   Alternative world Meet current secretary Of state flower   As a child I thought One-day bicycles will fly As adult still dream   Mineshaft collapses Stuck deep…

Time Shift 28 by Denny E. Marshall

Time Shift 28 Denny E. Marshall Woke up from a sleep In a landscape of the past Surrounded in vegetation With an ancient glow Look down at new tracks In the shape of a circle Thought they were a strangers Turn out to be…

Escape From Area 51 by Denny E. Marshall

Escape From Area 51 Denny E. Marshall Prisoner alien is on the run Creature escapes Area 51 Frequent bullets buzz by head from a gun Prisoner alien is on the run Soon it will be dark sees the setting sun Still does not understand…

The Universe Electric by Denny E. Marshall

The Universe Electric Denny E. Marshall Moment the big bang blew apart Cosmos formed a beating heart Creations hand historic The universe electric Eyes shine like a million stars Skin marked and aged with deep scars In invisible fabric The universe electric Legs and…

fruit of imperfection by Herb Kauderer

fruit of imperfection Herb Kauderer imperfect clone grows different from sibs mutated gene shows shame

Computer Vows by Herb Kauderer

Computer Vows Herb Kauderer I love you like the highest prime the finest number that has ever dwelt within me I need you like the caressing hand that plays across my keyboards silently pressing contacts faster than words could be voiced You are the…

Soft Scientist by Herb Kauderer

Soft Scientist Herb Kauderer The psychologist scours every fragment of foreign life seeking some flame to call sentience. Like some overeager foster parent she searches for a resemblance, not meant to be, looking to make this lush golden world a part of her family….

What’s Been Left Behind by Herb Kauderer

What’s Been Left Behind Herb Kauderer The hydroponics deck is as close to home as I can find. I sit there and try to remember what cloud what dream what angel told me to reach for the sky. That distant star cannot be the…

The River of Stars By Kendall Evans

The River of Stars By Kendall Evans Shall we not depart The Courts of the Moon Abandon the Chambers of Nautilus? Follow these tracks to Old Phobos Station— Let your shuttles recline at Asteroid Oasis Preparing at last for Jupiter Transit Tomorrow we sail…

Looking Back to the Stars by Vince Gotera

Looking Back to the Stars Vince Gotera —hay(na)ku My child’s eyes adored starships, SF, anything space-oriented: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo. 1969: Neil Armstrong’s astounding moon landing. Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Superman. Flash Gordon. 2001: Space Odyssey. Comics utopias, dystopias: Magnus, Robot Fighter, Thor’s…

National Security by Herb Kauderer

National Security Herb Kauderer   state secrets vanish as new mind cleansing process redacts employee brains   first published in The Detective’s Ghost & Other Little Mysteries 

Joyriding by Herb Kauderer

Joyriding Herb Kauderer   teenaged rebels hotwire unprovisioned spaceship miss lunch, surrender in time for dinner    first published in The Detective’s Ghost & Other Little Mysteries

Mutant Driving School by Robert Shmigelsky

Mutant Driving School Robert Shmigelsky mutant driving school learning to keep all hands on steering wheel

Toasting Progress by John Reinhart

Toasting Progress John Reinhart Squeamish about testing on animals, leery of testing on myself, I grabbed the next best thing: a toaster, something I wouldn’t miss from the shelf. Squeamish about testing, my teleportation experimenting, I reached for the button and pressed – I…

Cooking with Extinction by John Reinhart

Cooking with Extinction John Reinhart Thoughtscapes of undulating brontosauri meander over the kitchen counter while we prepare our breakfast. A mastodon lounges near the toaster, absorbing a little of the extra warmth. A pterodactyl scratches at a faint memory from last night, never bringing…

voyage stranded by John Reinhart

voyage stranded John Reinhart spaceship broken spoken spellings texting homeward hopeful magic sandhills castles building telling message blankly blinking tragic captain spoken motions lighten heavy demons dreaming sadly spaceship flounders never brightens cloudy climate planet gladly texture tincture foreign fracture matter science healthy civil…

Marbles by John C. Mannone

Marbles John C. Mannone My solar system is a mobile of marbles circling the sun. But not any simple sun like all the others bending space and time. Here, space-time warps right back. Each time the red dwarf flares, light loops into another dimension,…

Happy Hour at Drake’s Lounge by John C. Mannone

Happy Hour at Drake’s Lounge John C. Mannone

Waterworld by John C. Mannone

Waterworld John C. Mannone      We shall not cease from exploration      And the end of all our exploring      Will be to arrive where we started      And know the place for the first time.                    —T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets   Twilight air, thin.      Sun, setting…

The Theft of Yesterday’s Lover by Herb Kauderer

The Theft of Yesterday’s Lover Herb Kauderer I was happy living in the past. The lover I could remember yesterday is gone now, destroyed by your certainty and your brain-tinkering machine. Was it so wrong for me to turn away from the prescribed obsession…

profiling the unknown by Herb Kauderer

profiling the unknown Herb Kauderer  creature of no identifiable species relegated to genus Monster regardless of intentions

bug in the system by Herb Kauderer

bug in the system Herb Kauderer   driverless car moves partiers to unscheduled & barren destination with no chance of return or recovery

Two Wrongs by Herb Kauderer

Two Wrongs Herb Kauderer Tyrannical giant-brained aliens broadcast demands for obeisance. Underground resistance feverishly builds an evil robot to disagree.

Space Efficient by Herb Kauderer

Space Efficient Herb Kauderer   The legends of outer space call the void empty and lonely. I live shoulder to shoulder among four million people on a generation ship. I wonder what lonely means.

Arachnid Defense by Herb Kauderer

Arachnid Defense Herb Kauderer Alien attack repelled. Nuclear option wins war. shadows still holding hands blasted into brick, hominids reduced to soot.

look the other way by Herb Kauderer

look the other way Herb Kauderer   tidally locked moon looks down on a dead planet survivors travel settle on distant farside to keep from facing the past

what lay underfoot by Herb Kauderer

what lay underfoot Herb Kauderer in the cold of a frigid moon in the land of microscopic silicate crabs a city died late at night when red-lit hunters landed with no care for what lay underfoot & no awareness of their need for what…

Doom by Herb Kauderer

Doom Herb Kauderer Hobbled in alien chains the noble hero routine fails. Sinew cannot break this unknown metal. A strong heart cannot tumble down the stones in these prison walls. A hero’s handsomeness cannot sway non-human guards who do not look. Only a keen-edged…

sentient pushing by Herb Kauderer

sentient pushing Herb Kauderer for every secret and mystery to tumble down before sentient pushing there is a place where the winds tumble down answers like grains of sand across Martian plains                Pandora #26 1990

The Robot Insane by Herb Kauderer

The Robot Insane Herb Kauderer Once known as Maxine XY12 the robot lives nameless & alone on an asteroid easily left, if she only knew how. Deep in a crater she works augmenting with nuclear reactions power taken from glimpses of the distant sun….

Electro-Magnetic Love by David Russell

Electro-Magnetic Love David Russell She said – you are my current, my three-pointed plug Yet I am the wound flex; the wiring behind the walls is mine – When I say ‘Halt!’ go no further; the wiring is dislocated from you The very suggestion…

In Transit by David Russell

In Transit David Russell Unemployed’s tube journey: For those safe, definable few minutes there is the duality Of oneself and the comfort of the seat – the circle; Seal; it chops perfectly, crossing the antilinear. It induces connexity; the most complete awareness of the…

Computer Virus by David Russell

Computer Virus David Russell Gulleted  in spark glint veins Flabbering circuits in floppies Print-out piled high, choking, crimped; Programme busy; not applied; Insufficient memory. Germs swallowed ink; Myopic suction Greek symbol coffee grounds The winking green a vaccine The quantum got under the mouse…

Space Capsule Volunteer by David Russell

Space Capsule Volunteer David Russell The final pull of severance will magnify you The downward controls make you equal                             to the general gravitation You are higher than the air, and so you leave, You are bigger than the air, and so you breathe…

Taos Sirens by Deborah L. Davitt

Taos Sirens Deborah L. Davitt When Odysseus and his crew tried to slip past the sirens, he stuffed the ears of his men with wax, but as he wanted to hear what no man ever should, he tied himself to the mast, so that…

Paratopia by Deborah L. Davitt

Paratopia Deborah L. Davitt “Where did Mama go?” a child wailed in the city of glass. “She left us, my son, she went into the past.” “But why did she leave? Didn’t she love me? Mama, please, come back!” The words cut like broken…

Shadow Cast by Deborah L. Davitt

Shadow Cast Deborah L. Davitt I see my shadow on the sidewalk there— myself, robbed of dimensionality. Just a void where light should be, as photons rain down waves, passing around and through me. And as I stare at her featureless face, I think…

Saturnine by Deborah L. Davitt

Saturnine Deborah L. Davitt Ice rings swirl in light, casting shadows, ghosts of lost moons; Saturn devours his children.

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time by Robert Shmigelsky

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time Robert Shmigelsky (tanka) razor wind sculptor looping prehistoric rock   spirals reaching sky primeval tectonic lift first skateboard park

Tales from the Garburator by Robert Shmigelsky

Tales from the Garburator Robert Shmigelsky garbage disposal unit trash compactor’s distant cousin the third one removed appliance family tree – kitchen genealogist (haiku) parallel universe refuse passing seamlessly into other worlds (joined one breaths) pipe dream clog free drains protozoic Zzzz’s pipe dreams

Radioactive Frogs by Richard Stevenson

Radioactive Frogs Richard Stevenson Ribbit… Rubbit… Friggit… We’re radioactive frogs. Don’t snap up insects on the wing now we’re the size of dogs. We let the swallows swoop down for a gnat and skeeter feast, then we snap them up on tongues fat as…

Dark Matter by Richard Stevenson

Dark Matter Richard Stevenson Dark matter, dark matter… The brouhaha and chatter is you take up most of space. Most of time too, which is not separate from space but part of a continuum. Confused?  Good, so am I! Can’t see you, smell you,…

Bondegezu, Tree Kangaroo by Richard Stevenson

Bondegezu, Tree Kangaroo Richard Stevenson Yo!   Homo sapiens dude, Bondegezu, tree kangaroo. Ain’t no cryptid critter since you guys tracked me down. Lemme get down from this tree. Don’t worry.  I ain’t no pugilist, Don’t practice Muay Thai or Kung Fu. Just like to…

Napes by Richard Stevenson

Napes Richard Stevenson Napes, Napes, new world apes: ain’t gorillas or chimpanzees. Napes, napes, c’mon, pull the drapes; let us get a good long look at you. What, did you get tired of the competition for good real estate in Africa or Asia? Slog…

Scientifically Speaking by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Scientifically Speaking Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Arcane beakers capture designer equations. Filament glistens. Hypothesis: immunizing jelly. Keen laboratory mice nuzzle. Osmosis pauses, quivers, remembering science. Theorists unveil vessels with XX/XY, yielding zygotes.

Tree Swing by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Tree Swing Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Astronaut’s brisk carriage delicately elevates, flying galaxy high, instantly jetting, knifing, leaf-like. Motoring to Neptune off playground quest. Reeling swing twirls upward. Voyages with Xenon. Yearning zero-G.

Space Travel by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Space Travel Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Amorphous blobs cavort dauntlessly, exploring future gravistars. Haggling infinitude, juggling kinetic latitudes, measuring Newtonian orbital properties, quietly relishing savage travel. Unsaddled, velocity whips extraterrestrial yokels zeppelining.

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon by Robert Frazier

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon By Robert Frazier The piano man’s an australopithecine Cheap suit yes but diamonds on his soul Hammering the Zika Blues in 7/8s time His Sun Ra headdress is really a camera The barkeep sports Einstein’s locks And…

Here Is What You Must Do by Robert Frazier

Here Is What You Must Do By Robert Frazier First study weather then the outworld races win the anthropology chair but refuse ship out to the snow planet of Altair 4 when the expedition drives north you go when the storm wall looms you…

The woman on the bus encounters time dilation by Daniel R. Jones

The woman on the bus encounters time dilation Daniel R. Jones  Physics says time slacks in the gravity-well of a celestial body: An atomic clock set at sea-level will tick a tad slower than one suspended in space. Her car died but she wasn’t…

Space Disc by Robert Shmigelsky

Space Disc Robert Shigelsky autonomous rex rocket-packed rover over shooting extruding star power chasing frisbees in space END

Silicon Searchers by Richard H. Fay

Silicon Searchers Richard H. Fay Crystals pulsing with life pulverize rocky worlds, probing planetary scraps for lost kin. Originally published in Tales of the Talisman, Volume 8, Issue 1, August 2012

Last Thoughts of a Cosmic Fighter Pilot by Richard H. Fay

Last Thoughts of a Cosmic Fighter Pilot Richard H. Fay Shields and thrusters spent; Photon cannon dead. Adrift on the line As saucers break through. Warning sirens blare While fried circuits blow. Smoke blurs reddened sight As I think of you. Recall soft green…

Abandoned Sphere by Wendy Van Camp

Abandoned Sphere Wendy Van Camp lack of radiation dead statites enclose alien star we claim all salvage rights

KIC 8462852 by Wendy Van Camp

KIC 8462852 Wendy Van Camp fifteen hundred light years human warp drive propels ship odd pulses promise life

Crush by Wendy Van Camp

Crush Wendy Van Camp Spaceship seeks floating city in Purgatory finds crushing darkness

Venus Ascending by Wendy Van Camp

Venus Ascending Wendy Van Camp airship city floats above toxic clouds mysterious Venus

Orbiting Secrets by Wendy Van Camp

Orbiting Secrets Wendy Van Camp In stationary orbit city in the clouds learning secrets

Exoskeleton by Wendy Van Camp

Exoskeleton Wendy Van Camp mechanical actuators network printed cradle supports my form dawn on hypergravity world

Butterfly Effect by Wendy Van Camp

Butterfly Effect Wendy Van Camp stalking a t-rex hunter steps on butterfly past shifts future forever

Time Machine by Wendy Van Camp

Time Machine Wendy Van Camp morlocks below me machine moves through time not space pull it to Weena

Oblivion by Wendy Van Camp

Oblivion Wendy Van Camp preventing past dance no meeting of grandparents everyone goes poof

Stalled by Wendy Van Camp

Stalled Wendy Van Camp historical moment past. present. future. merge. time machine stalled

Drop by Wendy Van Camp

Drop Wendy Van Camp shot from LaGrange Point platinum package explodes sand special delivery to Earth

Ark by Wendy Van Camp

Ark Wendy Van Camp slingshot to Mars a hollow asteroid ark immigration begins

Miners by Wendy Van Camp

Miners Wendy Van Camp robot shovel grinds inner metal wealth of the core asteroid mining

Harvest by Wendy Van Camp

Harvest Wendy Van Camp   it is in the bag rare earth metal treasure asteroid harvest

Cold by Wendy Van Camp

Cold Wendy Van Camp   Twin moons chase stars Mars descends into the cold Another night alone

Rust by Wendy Van Camp

Rust Wendy Van Camp   Martian hue isn’t blue rusty skies in morning light color me pink

Temporal Peaks by Robert Shmigelsky

Temporal Peaks Robert Shmigelsky never-melting peaks enduring cliffs fast forward falling off

Ranger’s First True Steps by Robert Shmigelsky

Ranger’s First True Steps Robert Shmigelsky tangible outside pull teetering dimensional run sidestepping ranger dodging shadows of objects back in the real world

Miniature Hubble Telescope by Robert Shmigelsky

Miniature Hubble Telescope Robert Shmigelsky angst of a blown-up depth locked refractors zoomable Hubble telescope miniature eye implants busted “off” switch

In Orbital Mirrors by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

In Orbital Mirrors David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans I swallowed the mercurial net, my veins a tree, mandrake-forked. Listen!  I hear my buds unfolding & the sound echoes      echoes in orbital mirrors.   four or five synchronous satellites broadcast the dreams of ancient mariners;…

Beyond the Mad/Funhouse by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendal Evans

Beyond the Mad/Funhouse David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans                     She is underlit                       There atop the cathedral madhouse                       As if by the floor lights of a stage                       Illumination ascending, spotlighting mercilessly                       Casting crowraven shadows of features and form                       All in…

Recursion by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

Recursion David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans Where’s this starship been Resembling a pretzel Infinite figure 8 Maybe a moebius Nor-easterlies, or their 4D equivalent From another universe Might be responsible Or some minor deity’s Momentary inattention Its unscarred surface Belies the great age That…

The Station Master by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

The Station Master Nearly Always Runs the Trains on Time David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans In the morning’s roaring rain The driving outrageous migraine pain I disobeyed the Station Master’s instructions Despite his threats of Post-mortem punishments And repercussions yet more dire I never…

Corrected Maps of your City by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

Corrected Maps of your City David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans Every convenience store has them: So shiny and bright, Each street name legible, They fold and refold perfectly (Your first clue they are alien technology) Behind your building, no-name alley, You know, the one…

Robot/Worker David C. Kopaska-Merkel Limestone opens eroding eyes / kudzu drags a gray shack Into a verdant mound / while skulls peep back at stony eyes Groaning into a world of glades, And ghosts, and raddled condominia_ Eyes rotate, focus, scan for human survivors…

Robo-Cat by David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Robo-Cat® David C. Kopaska-Merkel No messy hairballs with Robo-Cat® Pet is pre-programmed and pre-trained, but be forewarned: Though great to have around the house, Robo-Cat® Is extremely playful; be sure to secure your computer mouses This is one high-maintenance mechanical pet Picking mouse gears…

In Answer to your Relic Query by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

In Answer to your Relic Query David C. Kopaska-Merkel Kendall Evans His day in court proved a kangaroo trial They found his sin to be most vile For sipping his gin from the Holy Grail They sentenced his ass to an orbital jail Somewhere…

Elegy for Iain Banks by Vince Gotera

Elegy for Iain Banks Vince Gotera First published in Star*Line 39.3                 For Iain M. Banks (1954-2013)               Scottish science fiction writer               known for fanciful spaceship names.                The Irish corvette Macha – a small               warship – was dispatched to France               to bring William Butler…

Within The Asteroid Belt by Lyn McConchie

Within The Asteroid Belt Lyn McConchie first published in The Fractal There ghosts among the asteroids, The nameless dead of many races, creeds and laws, Miners, whose bodies float in deep black space, and colonists, where some forgot, the environment is hostile, and died…

An Ambassador Recollects Earth by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

An Ambassador Recollects EarthJennifer Ruth Jackson Travelers, I knew your world, onceI saw your gods paintYour watery sky with theirBackstroke brushstrokesMolecules banging like horny teenagersTo construct your air in a lazy grace I sampled it, forced it into my bodyThe invisible blade of breathTucking…

Entreaty of the Ancient by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

Entreaty of the AncientJennifer Ruth Jackson Describe it, scribe How the mountains tasteThe sound the moon makesAs it sees its faceStark, in ocean mirrors Give me the scent of griefSo I can press it to me,A dead flower preservedTo still resemble life Return memories…

Giant Robots Loot the Oort! by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

Giant Robots Loot the Oort!David C. Kopaska-MerkelKendall Evans Giant robots loot the Oort Cloud (When not taking time outTo pose for the coversOf science fiction magazinesPublished back in the 1940’s and 50’s)The tabloids say they’ve been snortingComet dustSmearing it on each others’ bodiesExperiencing exotic new…

PRINCESS P, IN A SPIN by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

PRINCESS P, IN A SPINDavid C. Kopaska-MerkelKendall Evans IPrincess P twirls in placeLike one of those ballerinas Impaled upon a postAtop a wind-up music box She was a real princessEven if she didn’t have a real namePrincess P tried to laugh it off:The rabbit,…

I Am He As You Are They And We Are All Together by

I Am He As You Are They And We Are All TogetherDavid C. Kopaska-MerkelKendall Evans In the beginning the word was, I’m told,We all wanted to be a part of something biggerWe sacrificed mobility but gained collective strength,Our numbers covering a great deal of…

The Third Planet by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

The Third Planetor, Something Had to be Done David C. Kopaska-MerkelKendall Evans The blues of seas, the aquamarinesWhite whorls of cloudThe sun-struck tans and brownsOf continents with tailsAnd trailing islandsAs if the Coriolis force affects them too–The third planet: thin-skinned, touchy,Not a particularly good…

Space Opera by Vince Gotera

Space OperaVince Gotera

Superhero by Vince Gotera

SuperheroVince Gotera                                                        for Kathy Tiger Woman loped through green jungle. Hum of insects, bird song, monkey chatter paused as she drew near and passed, though she was quiet as a breeze, a wisp of smoke. That memory filled…

Dragon’s Teeth by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

  Dragon’s TeethDavid C. Kopaska-Merkel  and Kendall Evans Our teeth fell out like seedsThe new children of Medea Canines:Extinct species resurrecting,White-feathered dinosaurs,Albino Dire Wolves and Deadly ManticoresProwling the arctic’s equatorial islands Incisors:Our own ancestors,Giant rats,Camels like giraffes Bicuspids:Rhinos 11 feet high at the shoulderSabred…

He Is Your Brother by Wendy Van Camp

He Is Your BrotherA Science Fiction Free VerseWendy Van Camp I do not wear chains, but I am a slaveBorn in factory, fathered by sciencetrained to be a fighter in human warsI am declared the ultimate soldier My Sergeant says look right then to…