Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time by Robert Shmigelsky

Daggervale Ravine: A View Through Time Robert Shmigelsky (tanka) razor wind sculptor looping prehistoric rock   spirals reaching sky primeval tectonic lift first skateboard park

Tales from the Garburator by Robert Shmigelsky

Tales from the Garburator Robert Shmigelsky garbage disposal unit trash compactor’s distant cousin the third one removed appliance family tree – kitchen genealogist (haiku) parallel universe refuse passing seamlessly into other worlds (joined one breaths) pipe dream clog free drains protozoic Zzzz’s pipe dreams

Radioactive Frogs by Richard Stevenson

Radioactive Frogs Richard Stevenson Ribbit… Rubbit… Friggit… We’re radioactive frogs. Don’t snap up insects on the wing now we’re the size of dogs. We let the swallows swoop down for a gnat and skeeter feast, then we snap them up on tongues fat as…

Dark Matter by Richard Stevenson

Dark Matter Richard Stevenson Dark matter, dark matter… The brouhaha and chatter is you take up most of space. Most of time too, which is not separate from space but part of a continuum. Confused?  Good, so am I! Can’t see you, smell you,…

Bondegezu, Tree Kangaroo by Richard Stevenson

Bondegezu, Tree Kangaroo Richard Stevenson Yo!   Homo sapiens dude, Bondegezu, tree kangaroo. Ain’t no cryptid critter since you guys tracked me down. Lemme get down from this tree. Don’t worry.  I ain’t no pugilist, Don’t practice Muay Thai or Kung Fu. Just like to…

Napes by Richard Stevenson

Napes Richard Stevenson Napes, Napes, new world apes: ain’t gorillas or chimpanzees. Napes, napes, c’mon, pull the drapes; let us get a good long look at you. What, did you get tired of the competition for good real estate in Africa or Asia? Slog…

Scientifically Speaking by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Scientifically Speaking Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Arcane beakers capture designer equations. Filament glistens. Hypothesis: immunizing jelly. Keen laboratory mice nuzzle. Osmosis pauses, quivers, remembering science. Theorists unveil vessels with XX/XY, yielding zygotes.

Tree Swing by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Tree Swing Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Astronaut’s brisk carriage delicately elevates, flying galaxy high, instantly jetting, knifing, leaf-like. Motoring to Neptune off playground quest. Reeling swing twirls upward. Voyages with Xenon. Yearning zero-G.

Space Travel by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Space Travel Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Amorphous blobs cavort dauntlessly, exploring future gravistars. Haggling infinitude, juggling kinetic latitudes, measuring Newtonian orbital properties, quietly relishing savage travel. Unsaddled, velocity whips extraterrestrial yokels zeppelining.

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon by Robert Frazier

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon By Robert Frazier The piano man’s an australopithecine Cheap suit yes but diamonds on his soul Hammering the Zika Blues in 7/8s time His Sun Ra headdress is really a camera The barkeep sports Einstein’s locks And…