Scientifically Speaking by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Scientifically Speaking Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Arcane beakers capture designer equations. Filament glistens. Hypothesis: immunizing jelly. Keen laboratory mice nuzzle. Osmosis pauses, quivers, remembering science. Theorists unveil vessels with XX/XY, yielding zygotes.

Tree Swing by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Tree Swing Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Astronaut’s brisk carriage delicately elevates, flying galaxy high, instantly jetting, knifing, leaf-like. Motoring to Neptune off playground quest. Reeling swing twirls upward. Voyages with Xenon. Yearning zero-G.

Space Travel by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Space Travel Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Amorphous blobs cavort dauntlessly, exploring future gravistars. Haggling infinitude, juggling kinetic latitudes, measuring Newtonian orbital properties, quietly relishing savage travel. Unsaddled, velocity whips extraterrestrial yokels zeppelining.

Goddesses by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Goddesses Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Aphrodite bows. Calliope, demure, efficiently flirts. Glorious Hera intimidates, jauntily kissing loose men. Never opinionated, Psyche quivers romantically, sinking to Titans’ Underworld. Velvet waxing, Xanthe yearns for Zeus.

Dorothy Delivered by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Dorothy DeliveredKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian

Alice Abbreviated by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Alice AbbreviatedKathleen A. Lawrencespiraling abecedarian