Space Efficient by Herb Kauderer

Space Efficient Herb Kauderer   The legends of outer space call the void empty and lonely. I live shoulder to shoulder among four million people on a generation ship. I wonder what lonely means.

Space Capsule Volunteer by David Russell

Space Capsule Volunteer David Russell The final pull of severance will magnify you The downward controls make you equal                             to the general gravitation You are higher than the air, and so you leave, You are bigger than the air, and so you breathe…

Space Travel by Kathleen A. Lawrence

Space Travel Kathleen A. Lawrence (abecedarian) Amorphous blobs cavort dauntlessly, exploring future gravistars. Haggling infinitude, juggling kinetic latitudes, measuring Newtonian orbital properties, quietly relishing savage travel. Unsaddled, velocity whips extraterrestrial yokels zeppelining.

The Trouble with Unsolicited Messages By Richard H. Fay

The Trouble with Unsolicited Messages Richard H. Fay “We have a genuine extraterrestrial signal,” a SETI technician announced excitedly as he adjusted the knob on the receiver. Every scientist in the crowded dark room gathered closer as a series of strange cosmic messages came…

Within The Asteroid Belt by Lyn McConchie

Within The Asteroid Belt Lyn McConchie first published in The Fractal There ghosts among the asteroids, The nameless dead of many races, creeds and laws, Miners, whose bodies float in deep black space, and colonists, where some forgot, the environment is hostile, and died…