π by John C. Mannone

John C. Mannone

3.141592… is transcendental
and that doesn’t mean spiritual
here, but yes, quite irrational
and infinitely nonrepeating
at least to 31.4 trillion digits
in this mundane dimension.

But in that universe full of haunts
and haints, they ain’t staying put.
They figured out a way to splinter
the spacetime shroud in the Valley
of Shadows, when their once luminous
leader who was cast out of the upper
realms because he wanted to be king,
forgot to be wise. The price
for his greed for power was exhile
and no weapon he could form
had any effect on us except perhaps
the whispers of his lies, the doubts
thrown as darts of fire. He knows
his number and those who anguish—
the 144 thousand. And the Great
Mathematician, who invented Pi
saw to it that the first 144 digits
add up to 666—the Beast. God
mocked him, he who thinks he knows
all doesn’t even know Pi and how
to use it to unlock his chains
…until now.


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