A Conversation with David Robbins by Eric S. Brown

AR: How did you get into writing?
Dave: I wanted to write from an early age. My childhood was unusually traumatic. So much so, I sought refuge, if you will, in fiction. The works of Edgar Rice Burroughs were a particular fave. But I read everything, from Westerns to SF to Horror, etc. When I was 11, I decided I would very much like to do as all those writers did. I wrote a lot of short stories and novellas on a Royal typewriter. But then ‘life’ intervened, and to make the proverbial long story short, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I actually started my writing career. My wife asked me one day, ‘If you could do anything with your life that you wanted, what would it be?’ I confided my childhood desire, and she asked me to write a book for her. Much to my surprise, it was published by the first publisher I sent it to.

AR: What was your first sale?
Dave: A contemporary thriller called BLOOD CULT.

AR: When did things really take off you as a writer?
Dave: Not long after BC was published. I wrote a 500-page science fiction novel entitled ENDWORLD. The publisher I sent it to liked it so much, they wanted to turn the concept into a series. Other publishers liked my stuff, and the next thing I knew, I was writing ten to fifteen books a year, in all different genres.

AR: It’s hard to believe there are 30 Endworld novels now. Did you ever expect the series to be so successful and carry on as long as it has?
Dave: Never gave much thought to ‘down the road’. Turned out there were a lot of readers who like it a lot. Many of them also like the Endworld Universe, which embraces several of my series in a genealogical context.

AR: Do you have a favorite Endworld novel?
Dave: It’s the old saw about asking a parent which of their children they love most. Some are better than others, craftwise, but I like them just as much as the gems.

AR: You’ve done novelizations for some well known movies. What was that like?
Dave: Fun. As is everything I write. When you love what you do, when your ‘work’ is an abiding passion, every day can bring a smile.

AR: Can you tell us some about your latest releases and what you are working on now?
Dave: Just finished a new WILDERNESS. Plan to do a followup to A GIRL, THE END OF THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING next. After that, who knows. Possibly the next ENDWORLD. Have fans of ANGEL U asking for the next one. Also hoping to branch out into other stuff. I did a screenplay, and I’d still like to do a comic before I pass on. So many possibilities, never enough time.


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