Amomonga by Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson

Amomonga, Negros Island ape –
Orang mawas, Ikugan
equivalent names. “Wild monkey”
that lives in the caves of Mt. Kanlaon.

You like the innards of goats and chickens,
Have eviscerated a couple of humans too
to hear the folks of La Castellana
And Negros Occidental tell the tale.

Hearty and hail.  Not above bludgeoning
whatever gets in your way at dinner time.
Not fussy either: primate or bird,
a little green roughage, some legumes …

Human fricassee? Yessiree; bring it on!
I’ll tear your hairless body in two, chew on you
enroute to yer succulent ropy intestines,
your stomach, kidneys, and heart.  Mmm Mmm.

Come into my man cave. Set a spell
while I pour us both drinks –
water for you.  A little fresh-squeezed blood
to slurp down yer gizzards for me.


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