An Argentine Alien by Richard Stevenson

An Argentine Alien
Richard Stevenson

An Argentine alien
has rustled the bushes
and stepped into view.

He’s not like me or you.
He’s but four foot two –
kinda green, maybe blue.

I’m so outta here,
whatever this thing is
that ain’t exactly clear.

Got a low rez fuzzy gif
of some kinda elvish imp,
but I didn’t stop to swap IDs.

Coulda got here in a saucer…
He smelled bad; I nearly tossed ‘er.
But, as I say, I beat a retreat.

Loose as a goose,
arms furiously pumping
their own stiff green gallop!

You wanna go back
and check the ground
for tripod marks and radiation?!

Why not just ask Santa
if he’s short an elf?
(Note to self: Am-scray

this pop stand Bay – beh!
Doan wanna be off the radar.
like a short leash!)

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