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kiarnitsepiaA.R. Stone’s mother (a famous author and pioneer with the SCBW) put her in her first art show when she was four, but A.R. has always wanted to write.  She went to part of High School in Europe and worked for a Medieval historian. 

She has spent many years reconstructing Stone Age Britain and Western Europe, working with archeoastronomy, ancient languages, and mythology to create the world of Anieth (an YAH from “an iath” the Gaelic word for wilderness) which comes with an encyclopedia of everything from predicting eclipses to knapping flint and brewing ancient herbal recipes, to tracking the patterns of linguistic and religious thought of ancient Europe. 

At the age of ten, she developed a passion for astronomy.  Her father worked in the space industry and she began writing science fiction as a teenager. Her son also writes science fiction and has published his first trilogy about an AI.

In a family of writers, she was the only artist, and she knew from an early age that she would have learn to draw well enough to illustrate her own work.  The culmination of this study is the graphic series, Tales of Anieth, which she calls Western Manga.  She wanted to give back quality books to kids and teens that would link to actual science, history and mythology.

A.R. Stone’s Graphic Novels 


killingcover quickencover rivenskincover thorncover
Thorn and Rivenskin are available now in print, The Killing Tree and The Quickenking will be available in January. 


Aveldonacc will be available in print summer of 2017.