Meet Henk-Jan Bakker

Read his interview in Altered Reality Magazine

artist Henk-Jan BakkerHenk-Jan Bakker AKA Puppy Zwolle, is a Dutch artist that produces in most any type of art that has some interesting vibe to it. Painting however does still have the main focus.

This need for variety got him in trouble more than once in art school where some consistency is required to be able to mark progress. Painting became a major focus and teachers allowed him to graduate. Now most of his time is filled with commission work.

Latest projects include box art for a board game, a label for honey, portraits and illustrations for Altered Reality Magazine. Upcoming projects; a life sized dragon head, a mural for a cultural center, a rather big display for 3d printed miniatures and of course a few portraits.

Visit his art gallery in Altered Reality Magazine