Meet Kurt Wilcken

Kurt WilckenMeet Kurt Wilcken 1, Ninja Cartoonist, studied graphic art at Iowa State
University, where he sold handmade comic books out of his backpack and
contributed to his local science fiction club’s fanzine.  In the ’90s,
he developed a following as a writer and artist of “Furry” comics,
doing stories for small independent companies like Innovation,
Antarctic Press and Radio Comix.

More recently, he has illustrated a few children’s books and does
occasional freelance illustration.  He currently writes and draws
HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE, a Pulp Era adventure webcomic, on
his website,www.  He also blogs about various odd
topics ranging from comic books and role-playing games to weird
stories of the Bible.

He currently lives in the Enchanted Land-O-Cheese with his wife and
daughters, two cats, a snake, several fish and a bushel-full of

He lives for feedback.