The Art of Amber Morant

Amber Morant was born in Springfield, Ohio and lived in the Dayton area since. She started writing at the young age of ten because her favorite author couldn’t write the next novel fast enough. She devoured these fantastical adventures then attended and graduated with her MFA from Seton Hill University to write her own.

Her first published trilogy, Kalla, received positive feedback and pushed her to work harder to release her recent trilogy, Dragon Guardian Wars. Each book explores darker parts of the human psyche and uncovers more about the human mind and its gray morality.

When she isn’t exploring different worlds, and chasing dragons, Amber works as a developmental editor and digital marketing analyst. She has attended different local conventions and podcasts to discuss her love of dragons and the way morality twists in different ways from how we may view it.
Amber can be found attempting to make TikToks and trying to be witty on Twitter. Or you can find her on Facebook talking about her latest project. You can also get a deeper glimpse into her journey as an author and receive exclusive deal announcements by signing up for her newsletter or joining Amber’s Patreon.
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