Meet Barrington Smith-Seetachitt

Barrington Smith-Seetachitt’s list of former jobs includes professional gift-wrapper, piano accompanist, theater stage manager and a large-scale event producer. She’s created a food guide for Western Australia, studied massage at Wat Po in Thailand, and produced shows with “Vaca Lula,” a dancing cow mascot in Costa Rica.

Today, she tells stories that use genre to explore how people respond when their world — or their place in it — changes. Her screenplays have won the Amazon Studios’ Best Screenplay Award and DreamAgo’s Pen & Pellicule Writing Fellowship, while her fiction has won Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Competition and been published in literary journals and anthologies including Colorado Review, Chariton Review, Devilfish, and Women of Horror, Volume 3.

Formerly a Midwesterner, Barrington lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Paul, and a rotating cast of entertaining housemates.

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