Meet Christopher Ramos

Author Christopher Ramos
Christopher Ramos enjoys writing science fiction, science, and political opinion.
As a graduate student at Northern Arizona University, he defended and published his thesis entitled “The catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide: methanol as potentially carbon-neutral fuel.” As second author, he published “Optimization of Methanol Synthesis from Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen: Demonstration of a Pilot-Scale Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels Process” in the peer-reviewed journal ACS: Energy & Fuels.
As a graduate student as Mississippi State University, he defended and published his thesis entitled “The hinterland: compilation of nearby brown dwarfs and ultracool stars“. While attending MSU, he also wrote opinion pieces for the university paper The Reflector. He’s also published opinion pieces in the Starkville Daily News (2012), Rutland Herald (2018), and Seven Days VT (2019).
In 2010, he published his first piece of fiction in the e-zine Liquid Imagination: “Apotheosis” and re-published “Apotheosis” — with slight variation — in the e-zine Altered Reality Magazine in 2019
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