Meet D.F. Heller

D.F. Heller was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania and spent much of her childhood searching the woods behind the farm for the Bigfoot she was sure was back there. Her uncle showed her the Aliens and Predator franchise movies at an early age, which led to a love of the horror/sci-fi genre. Later years spent watching Discovery channel programs on Bigfoot and ghosts helped her develop an interest in the legendary creatures rumored to live in the forest.

A fan of the slow build of suspense with a love of local lore and legends, Heller wants to introduce you to the beasts that roam the American wilderness, and the ghosts said to haunt famous and infamous places. And with an extensive library of books on American mythology, you can bet there will be tales of terror you’ve never heard of before.

Heller still lives in PA and spends their time watching programs on cryptids with her black cat Stormy.

Read her work in Altered Reality Magazine:

The Wendigo