Meet Fraser Sherman

Author Fraser ShermanBorn in England, Fraser Sherman moved with his family to the Florida Panhandle when he was 11. He discovered Americans drink tea with ice in it, but decided he liked the U.S. anyway. After graduating college with a degree he didn’t want to use, he thought he’d try writing. He found it suited him. Since then Fraser has worked the obligatory assortment of non-writing day jobs (best of those: working in a bookstore), plus 10 years as a full-time reporter and a couple of years editing a local magazine or two. He moved to Durham NC in 2010 to marry his dream woman, and lives with her and their two wonderful dogs.
In addition to several hundred newspaper articles, Fraser has had nonfiction published in Newsweek, Law Enforcement Technology, Bizfluent, The nest, The Writer, and Boys’ Life, plus writing five film reference books. His short stories have appeared in Space and Time, New Myths, Drabblecast, On the PremisesCrimson StreetsAbyss and Apex and the anthologies Eldritch Embraces and Strange Economics. He’s reprinted several of them in his self-published collections Atoms for Peace and Atlas Shagged.
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