Meet Geoffrey C Porter

Geoffrey played, and kicked rear at, games like Axis&Allies and Titan as a young pup.  The computer age was dawning and his dad wrote software for the military, so he started teaching himself to program computers.The first piece of software Mr. Porter developed professionally was a Chemical Weapons Attack Simulator for the USAF. Since then, he built websites professionally and browser based multiplayer kingdom games.

Thanksgiving of 2003 represents the epoch of Geoffrey’s writing journey. He penned his first novel between Thanksgiving and Christmas that year and  had high hopes for it of course, but it needed work. He next wrote Juxta, Magi, a first attempt at epic fantasy. His muse demanded a sci-fi war book next, so he wrote R.A.E.C.E. Genesis. But Geoffrey had no clue how to get published, and he didn’t know how to edit his manuscripts (and they needed editing). The solution hit him like lightning one day: Sinclair Community College might have an English class he could take.

There, he discovered English Composition I&II, Fiction Writing, Advanced Fiction Writing, Novel Writing, Horror Fiction, and the most awesome class ever, Text Editing. He took classes with Ed Davis and Tim Waggoner, and he would still be taking classes there if Ed had not retired. He is very thankful to them. He’s happy with the novels he’s written. He keeps a secret box stashed away filled with a number of print magazines that published him.

For five years, Geoffrey also ran an eZine, Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. Working as an editor helped him grow as a writer, possibly as much or more than the classes. He closed it and ran away mostly because he had simply read one too many Man-Eats-Own-Leg stories.

Geoffrey does more gardening now. Sunshine is medicine for him. and he wants a competitive yard. He has a Kung Poa chicken recipe which is as good as he needs it to be, scorch the earth. Gotta grow fresh legumes. He feels done producing novels, and if he wants to spread joy, he needs to write short fiction.

Find Geoff online:
Twitter: @TrulyJuxta
Facebook Page: @GCPWriter
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