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Author JM WilliamsJM Williams is a paralegal and historian living in South Korea. He is also the head of Fiction Vortex’s Of Metal and Magic high fantasy StoryVerse, where he manages six other authors.

Williams is the author of two fantasy series with Fiction Vortex, a novella, and two short story collections. He has published around forty short fiction pieces in a range of venues including Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine, The New Accelerator, Bards and Sages, Empyreome Magazine, and Bewildering Stories. He has earned four Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest and several other writing awards.

His most recent work was the high fantasy novel Call of the Guardian, which is the first of a two-volume Of Metal and Magic series. He is currently drafting a spin-off of this work and compiling an anthology which incorporates episodes from all the series in the StoryVerse and some additional, original material.

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