Meet Jim Davies

Jim Davies is a cognitive scientist living in Ottawa and a member of the Lyngarde speculative fiction writer’s group.

His plays have been produced by Push Push Theatre in Atlanta, Sock ‘n’ Buskin in Ottawa, Chicago’s Otherworld Theatre Company, The Oak theatre in Atlanta, and the Critical Stage Company in Kingston.

His poetry has appeared in Bywords literary magazine, and several of his short screenplays have been produced by Pesfu Films. He has also published science fiction short story in the science magazine Nautilus, and is the author of the popular science book Riveted: The Science of Why Jokes Make Us Laugh, Movies Make Us Cry, and Religion Makes Us Feel One with the Universe.

Read Jim’s Work in Altered Reality Magazine:

Eve Pixiedowner and the Micean Council
Unstole It

Jim’s appearances:

Car*Con 2017

Listen to the December 15, 2017, Interview Jim did with Susan Johnston, Bob LeDrew, and Amanda Jetté.