Meet K.A. Kenny

Meet K.A. Kenny 1


K.A. Kenny is a life-long spinner of curious tales—with friends around the dinner table, campfire, or across the bar. He lives with his wife and three large dogs in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and  marches to the sound of the guns, often where others cannot imagine going.

After a long career as a technical writer and intelligence analyst, he turned to the serious work of speculative fiction and is currently seeking an agent for his Sci-Fi novel, The Starflower

Two of K.A. Kenny’s stories have been published in 2021: “The Tale of Lady Evangeline” ( and “The Avian Project” ( “The Avian Project” is a precursor story to his novel, The Starflower, which is seeking an agent and publisher. Other stories, what K.A. calls his bagatelles, may be found on his blog site Strange Things Done ” (

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