Meet K. A. Williams

Meet K. A. Williams 1


K. A. Williams has been published in various magazines including Mystery Tribune, Yellow Mama, Calliope, Tigershark, Ariel Chart, Literary Yard, The Creativity Webzine, Nuthouse, Transfigured Lit, The Blotter, Corner Bar, and Bewildering Stories.



Read K. A. Williams’ work in Altered Reality Magazine:

Stories: Poetry:
Zelda’s Competition The Gray Man
Hunting Bigfoot Robots
It Isn’t Blackmail The Robot Soldiers
Turkey’s Hideout Terraforming Mars
Haven Call From Space
Ratings Realtor From Glendale
Prison Planet 7 Dragons
  Baby Dragons
  Of Dragons and Man


Explore what else K. A. Williams has to offer:

Killer Peanuts
Something Hit My Roof Tonight
Fury Of The Ocean
Psychic Mom
Memories Last Longer Than Candy
Don’t Hold On To Something Broken
Night Creature
Uncle Andrew
Returns Of The Day

Meet K. A. Williams 2