Meet Lyn McConchie

Lyn McConchie and friend

Lyn McConchie began writing professionally in 1990, since which time she has seen 47 books and 318 stories published across 9 countries and in 4 languages with ongoing sales.

She shares her 19th century farmhouse with Thunder her Ocicat and 7469 book by other authors. She has a small farm on which she breeds coloured sheep and has free-range hens and geese.

Her last book out was a Holmes/Watson pastiche (Sherlock Holmes; Cataclysm from Wildside in December 2018. However she also continues to write SF/F with her post-apocalyptic novel, Coals & Ash out in 2018 from Altair Press in Australia and a fantasy novel Daughter of a City, due from Wildside early in 2019.

Lyn also explains that the products of her subconscious are nothing to do with her and she politely declines responsibility for some of the odder byways it travels.


Read Lyn’s work in Altered Reality Magazine:

Poems Stories
  The Sedra Anomaly
Advent Letters Home
Within The Asteroid Belt The Books of Hoth
  The Office of Special Claims
Considering Alicia Austion Better Off
  Green Eyes
  Honor’s Choice
  Bath Salts and Bedlam
  With Brazen Tongue
  Night in the City
  The Last Tiger
  The Facilitator

Buy Lyn’s Books:

From Wildside Press:
Sherlock Homes: Repeat Business
Sherlock Holmes: Beastly Mysteries
Sherlock Holmes: Poisonous People
Sherlock Holmes (In) Something the Cat Dragged In
Sherlock Holmes (in) Cat With A Vested Interest

From Lethe Press:
Vestiges of Flames(post-apocalyptic set in New Zealand)

From Avalook Publications:
  Four Seasons Quartet:Summer of Dreaming, Autumn of the Wild Pony, Winter of Waiting, Spring of Decisions

From Altair Books:

Coals & Ash (post-apocalyptic set in Australia)