Meet Patricia Catherine Anderson

Meet Patricia Catherine Anderson 1Patricia Catherine Anderson – aka Patricia the Grey – “grew up” outside Philadelphia, lived in the Midwest, and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She writes short fiction, personal essays, nonfiction, and long emails.

She volunteers rubbing dog bellies at Oregon Humane Society, and taking them for walks. She shares her writing space with Gracie, an African Grey parrot who surrounds her with the beeps, chirps, and alarms of a game arcade.

She has published in South Loop Review, Every Day Fiction, and Good Bird! Magazine, and was winner of SmokeLong Quarterly’s Thirty-Word Short Story Contest in 2010.

She is grateful to her writing group, the Scriveners, for their support and advice.


Read Patricia’s work in Altered Reality Magazine:

The Awakening of The Empath

Meet Patricia Catherine Anderson 2