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Author Phil Temples

Phil Temples was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, but he’s lived and played in greater Boston, Massachusetts for over four decades.

He began writing flash fiction and short stories in the 1990s for his own amusement and has had over 150 titles appear online and in print. His first novel, The Winship Affair, was published in 2014 by Blue Mustang Press. In 2017, Big Table Publishing produced a short story anthology, Machine Feelings, and the paranormal horror-mystery, Helltown Chronicles. His first novella, Albey Damned, was published by Wapshott Press in late 2017. The second in the Carrie Bloomfield Novel series, The Allston Variant, debuted in April, 2019 from Moonshine Cove Publishing. One year later, Moonshine Cove produced his third Carrie Bloomfield installment, Uncontacted Frontier. Moonshine Cove will publish his new science-fiction novel, The Kanawha Anomaly, in August, 2021.

Phil Temples’ professional career spans the fields of software engineering and computer systems administration in the .com, .org, and .edu sectors. For the past 18 years, he’s worked as a computer systems administrator at a Boston-area university.

In addition to his day job and writing activities, Phil is a ham radio aficionado and a singer in a garage band.

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