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Author Steve BartholomewSteve was born a long time ago and spent most of his life in San Francisco.

After growing up, he spent three years in the US Army where he learned a lot of vital skills, such as how to use a soldering iron and screwdriver, as well as how to make the bed, mop the floor, and wash dishes. And also how to deal with high explosives. 

After obtaining a useless liberal arts degree, he became a social worker and did more than 20 years in the mean streets of New York City, San Francisco, and rural California. He is now devoted to writing books, which he should have been doing in the first place. He has written some science fiction and fantasy, but is mainly interested in tales of the Old West – specifically California, Nevada, and especially Old San Francisco. He’s fascinated by history because of all the weird stories he gets to read. Visit him on

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