Big Summit Prairie by Breelyn Shelkey

Big Summit Prairie
Breelyn Shelkey

Picturesque figures suspended between trees
Flipping, bouncing, focused, balancing
Mystic multicolored tiny houses
Chimes trancelike
abducting attention to wild dimensions

Black lake mirroring galaxies
Rainbow stretching miles
rippling on fields
vanishing upon arrival
Did you see that?

Fiction was reality cupped in hands
Dream world, real world, no distinction
Lavender and lime green pirouetting sticks
Wedding dress dream catchers
Rain pours, Pu-erh steeps

Naked strangers bathing
in leach infested waters
Wooden pastel teepees
clanking metal scraps
Twirling flames glowing widened eyes

Morphing pixel bubbles
A doorway echoing, I Wanna Dance
cracked mirrors, fog and disco balls
Beams of light twirl with a pigtailed girl
Do you dance?

Parachuted patterned garments
Piano man plays a light show
Glowing treetop branches, LED veins
A pentagon of doors
Where do they lead?

Sea of stars glimmering like diamonds
revealing sacred geometry
Humbled, our grasp tightens
Planets align, illuminating


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