Brosno Dragon by Richard Stevenson

Brosno Dragon
Richard Stevenson

Brosno Dragon of Brosnya,
lake cryptid serpent/dino
of Lake Bosno, near Adreapol,
West Russia.  Not  a hydrogen sulfide
ride of bubbles from the bottom –
a seltzer smeltzer, but a monster
some say likes to turn over boats.

Folks look so much like people burritos
in their earnest green canoes, to me.
I’m a shy cryptid though.  Don’t like
to show more than a snout full of teeth
or quivering, sea-spewing nostril or two.
Best the only witnesses get blurred photos
so my serpentine nature ain’t over-exposed.

Oh!  Brosnya leaves a ghastly callin’ card –
undigested intestines and guts,
oogle boogle lumpish lumpen noodles
floating in ambergris-like greasy clumps
on the water.  Not perfume or particularly
profit-smellin’ clots of whale puke, these.

A few planks that served as toothpicks –
Rope-like floss bunting innards maybe.
Not a well-mannered beast, ol’ Brosnya.
Not especially glad to see you
outside the dinner hour, either –
Not beyond leavin’ the odd brutish bouquet.


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