Clahuchu and Bride by Richard Stevenson

Clahuchu and Bride
Richard Stevenson

Last of the Juju tribe of Devil Men,
Clahuchu and bride lay side by side
in the coffin dug up from their Haitian grave.

Mummies most mum about their circumstances,
they nevertheless manage to exude evil it seems.
Anyone who has seen them has subsequently died.

Yeah, I know – we all do – but not under
strange circumstances – Plane and car crashes
within a week or days of contact.  That sort of thing.

I say you decline the package.  Don’t sign.
Let it go back to sender.  Render its evil contents
on some other mo’fo’s lap.  Not yours.  Refuse delivery!

You don’t know what kinda rays can be contained
in a box with a coupla mummified corpses.
What museum would want such a thing anyway, James?


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