Daredevil: Know Fear by Eric S Brown

Daredevil: Know Fear
Eric S Brown

Know Fear is the latest Daredevil trade paperback. It collects the first five issues of the current series being written by Chip Zdarsky and picks up right after the events of the last Daredevil series. Wilson Fisk is continuing on as the mayor of New York andMatt Murdock is recovering from brutal, near death injuries but is still determined to carry on as the hero of Hell’s Kitchen. The story line of these first five issues is one of the best in years and proves that no one is perfect, not even superheroes striving to do their best. This isn’t an anti-hero tale or a dark twist on superheroes in general, but rather the tale of a hero who simply makes a mistake and has to live with it.

While stopping a simple robbery, Daredevil accidentally kills one of the men committing the crime. At first, Matt can’t believe it’s true. He scours the city in search of whoever framed him as a killer but as his efforts fail, he realizes that he really is at fault. The truth sends him into a tailspin that leads him from one confrontation to the next, climaxing with Spider-man showing up in his apartment to tell him that his nights as Daredevil are over.

The art of Know Fear is just as fantastic as the writing. The story functions on a more powerful and deeper level than most of the comics released today. In addition, there is a Christian element to the storyline that fits who and what Daredevil is supposed to be. It’s great to see Marvel getting back to these types of stories and not just bouncing from one big “event” to the next with heroes like Daredevil.

Know Fear sets up what could possibly be a massive change in Daredevil as fans know him. His “heart to heart” with the Punisher alone is more than worth taking the time to check it out for. Know Fear is without question a must read for any long time fan of the character that very much on the level of Born Again.


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