Daybreak by Eric S Brown

Daybreak’s first season was released on Netflix in the fall of 2019. It’s a post-apocalyptic, comedy centered around the life of a teenager named Josh Wheeler. The adults of the world have been mostly wiped out by a nuclear war and those did survive have become zombie like creatures known as Ghoulies. Josh Wheeler isn’t out to save the world however. Instead, he just wants to find his missing former girlfriend, Sam Dean. Joined by an ex-football player turned street samurai, Wesley, and a disturbed, ten year old pyromaniac that he used to baby sit, Angelica, all sorts of teenage drama and insanity unfold.

The youth left behind in the post-apocalyptic world have broken off into various cliques just as if they were still in high school. There are the Jocks, a mad max style gang led by a star football player, the Cheermazons, cheerleaders turned amazon warriors, and various other groups. Josh, through pure circumstance more than anything else founds his own group who take shelter inside a well stocked shopping mall that still has power.

The series is a mix of flashbacks from before the apocalypse and the characters’ current battle to survive. The comedy is very adult in nature and often very dark or simply gross. Daybreak certainly isn’t a series that’s designed to make one think as much as it is a revamped Dawson’s Creek mingled with zombies, street fighting, and samurai swords.

Most older viewers will likely be turned away by how simple and often cliche’ Daybreak is in its plot but then the series is aimed at a younger viewship anyway. The first season is comprised of ten episodes that run between thirty eight and fifty minutes each. All in all, Daybreak is an average though fun show that one can enjoy if they have nothing better to watch which manages to somehow overcome its many self inflicted failings enough to deliver the occasional laugh.


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  1. uneasywriter says:

    I’m a big watcher of Netflix so I’ll have to watch this. I recently plowed through Riverdale and liked it a lot in spite of the teenybop atmosphere. You might want to catch The Gift, a dubbed Turkish production. Thanks for the recommendation.

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