Griffin in the Spring by Melissa Maillet

Griffin in the Spring by Melissa Maillet

Rarely is a sight more pleasing than a griffin in the spring.
when Wind is blowing
and Grass is Growing
wild Flowers blossoming.

He’s not been across the land since the first snow fall.
He starts crawling
his Limbs sprawling
heeding nature’s call.

The glorious sun beats down on him from the morning sky.
soft Clouds drifting
blue Sky shifting
wings stretched for the try.

Breaking free of his winters den, talons and sand meet.
The tide rolling
he starts strolling  
back up on his feet.

As he gets his rhythm back his great wings start to stir.
Feet now prancing
Heart is dancing
He begins to purr.

In the grass he sees the first birds that he’s seen all spring.
the young robin
the tern bobbin’
above the surf they sing.

He looks up, inspired, as the birds take to the sky.
Drafts uplifting
spring breeze shifting
As he begins to fly.

He makes his way into the sky, happy at long last
his Wings soaring
his Voice roaring
Clouds just sailing past.

Springs showers bring refreshing scent as they start to fill the air.
Grey Clouds covering
Wings still hovering
Rain drops everywhere.

Warm rain falls. The griffin knows it’s time that he must land
His journey ended  
talons extended
Touch down on the sand.

He makes his way back to his den, energy all spent.
A day dreary
and he’s weary
but never more content.

© KWWK 2016
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