I Am He As You Are They And We Are All Together

I Am HeI Am He As You Are They And We Are All Together
David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Kendall Evans

In the beginning the word was, I’m told,
We all wanted to be a part of something bigger
We sacrificed mobility but gained collective strength,
Our numbers covering a great deal of territory
In inner and outer space.
We colonized new worlds, made the aliens
A part of us, indivisible–
We were close.
Things began to get a little confusing
Admittedly, at times,
But it was worth it.

Why, communication is so much faster
Now that “we” have become “I”
High-speed analog connections
To everyone, everywhere
(sorry about the riffraff)
Shared libraries and data-collection ports―
But, you know, that “I go where you go” thing
It’s just not working, it’s getting a bit old,
I’m sick of the “you” part of “me”,
I want to be
Myself again
Alone and insufficient

(The end)


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