Imagine That by Breelyn Shelkey

Imagine That
Breelyn Shelkey

Write down your dreams
All of them
The near death experiences
The beautiful ones
Even the heart shattering ones

Write. Them. Down.

Nine times out of ten
Your dreams and reality
Never match up
But every once in a while
You experience this familiarity
Déjà vu
You’ve breathed this exact moment
In a past life
Or was it in your dreams?

Write. Them. Down.

Living your dreams in reality
Disturbing or magic
if you remember it
But in real life
reaction times have extra leeway
It’ll be longer than fifteen minutes
invisible water doesn’t slow a swing
A punch connects with blowing force
Real time, real speed, real life

Write. Them. Down.

I wish my dreams on no one
Hunted by animals and assassins, dying
innumerable gruesome ways to awake bawling, sweating
The terrifying ones are customary, distorted are pleasant
I flew once in Littleton, Colorado
around my elementary school playground
Full control, wind rushing through hair, waving at classmates
then hit an invisible warped wall, pancake flipped on my back
and fell upwards into this dark abyss

and I still

Write. Them. All. Down.


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