Meet Kathleen A. Lawrence

KLKathleen A. Lawrence had poems appear recently in the HIV Here & Now 2015-2016 poem-a-day countdown; two Prince memorial anthologies – A Prince Tribute from Yellow Chair Review and Delirious: A Poetic Celebration of Prince from NightBallet Press; the Muses’ Gallery on the Highland Park Poetry website; and the third issue of
Crow Hollow 19.

Kathleen was born in Rochester—home of the Garbage Plate, Kodachrome, and Cab Calloway—and spent most of her youth in a plaid jumper.  She left briefly to get a pesky Ph.D., then returned to Central NY in 1992, where she has been an educator for 30 years – teaching Communication, Popular Culture, and Gender Studies at SUNY Cortland.

Kathleen says, “I love cupcakes. I’m totally obsessed with cupcakes. If alone on a deserted island all I would need would be a vat of Italian buttercream. I love vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, and coconut flavored frostings the best. But I’d never refuse chocolate. Or lemon or strawberry, either!”

Read Kathleen’s work in Altered Reality Magazine:

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