Meet Lee Hart

Lee A. Hart was born in 1950 and raised in Michigan. His right brain received a BSEE from Michigan Tech University, and designed consumer electronics for several large corporations. Now retired, he still suffers from Engineer Disease and continues to design nerd toys for unsuspecting techies.

But he’s also left-handed, and that side has always written stories and poems to entertain friends and family. He now lives in Minnesota with his wife and dog (separate people). “High Grade Ore” is his first published work.




Read Lee’s work in Altered Reality Magazine:

High Grade Ore
The Topological Twist
The Chimes by Charles Dickens (abridged by Lee Hart)
Abdul Abulbul Amir
Engineer Disease
Where No One’s Gone Before
Squirrelled Away
The Alien Among Us



Explore what else he has to offer online:

Sunrise EV