Meet Matthew Daley

Matthew Daley has written commercials, documentaries, graphic novels, and the recent collection The Poet’s Guide to Basketball. He has taught every level from 5th grade through Graduate School, always finding ways to sneak great poetry into his curriculum. He’s a father of three, husband of one, and a terrible singer/dancer who tries to turn many of his moments into a musical.

His poetry can be found in 34th Parallel Magazine, Neologism, Detritus, The Cabinet of Heed, The Green Light, Forever Endeavor, Necro, Unlost Journal, Indicia, Cathexis, The Caterpillar, Bewildering Stories, and Star*Line.



Read Matthew’s work in Altered Reality Magazine:

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the sky is falling
how to succeed in space travel without really trying
the McDonalds on Mars has new value menus
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