Meet Richard Stevenson

richard stevenson

Richard Stevenson recently retired to Nanaimo, BC from a thirty-year English and Creative Writing teaching gig at Lethbridge College.   He has published thirty-one books.  Five more are forthcoming: Action Dachshund! (from Ekstasis Editions) for kids; a trilogy, Cryptid Shindig: A Big Book of Creeps and Critters ( including If a Dolphin Had DigitsNightcrawlers, and Radioactive Frogs, (from Hidden Brook Press), and An Abominable Swamp Slob Named Bob (from Altered Reality Press), for adults and middle grade kids.  He recently completed two others in the cryptid, ET, Fortean lore series: Dark Watchers and Hairy Hullabaloo and is back to writing west coast haiku.

Read Richard’s Work in Altered Realities Magazine:

The Zartan Organism 46B Devil’s Lake Monster
Carnivorous Algae The Bald Beast of Nisqually Hill (Care and Feeding of) The Flathead Lake Monster
Cryptid Critter Poems The White Screamer The Muhuru
Pocket ‘Squatch Monster of the Mere Pterosaur Sighting Report
Fiskerton Phantom Brosno Dragon Radioactive Frogs
Manipogo Akkorakamui Napes
Amomonga The Yeren’s Complaint Bondegezu
Dark Matter Skinwalker Ranch Mugwump
Black Demon Shark  Mussie An Argentine Alien
Clahuchu and Bride The Gugwe Quickfoot
Sabine Thing Hoan Kiem Turtle Kushii