Meet The Tiny Creator

HI! I’m The Tiny Creator! I’m a dark minded storyteller originating from Oceanside California. Stories have been consuming my mind for as long as I can remember. The inevitability of the creative urge to tell stories has eaten its way from my soul to my hands. Even when I faced my first antagonist known as childhood cancer, at the age of 10 months, that urge flowed through me killing her quicker than chemo or radiation ever could. I look to her now not as a defeated foe but as nature. She is nothing more than a story wishing to be retold. Now a days I spend my time exploring what it means to be me. I’ve been fortunate enough to find like mind people through the LGBTQ+ community, goth subcultures and cosplaying. The exploration of me is a journey worth a lifetime and it will all be remembered as one hell of a story.

Tread on Me


No Escape