Monster Hunter: Siege by Eric S Brown

If you’ve never heard of Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter series and you’re a fan of action packed reads full of monsters, fun, and horror, you’re really missing out. The series began with a novel entitled Monster Hunters International in 2009. Since then there have been seven Monster Hunter novels and several spin off books published. Siege is the sixth book of the core series. It picks up with the continuing adventures of the main character, Owen Pitt. Pitt and his team have just concluded a massive and costly fight against a supernatural evil in Las Vegas. During the battle, some of Pitt’s hunters and others from various teams around the world were left behind in a hellish, alternate dimension. The novel Siege focuses on Owen Pitt’s attempt to return for them.

As with all Monster Hunter novels, Siege is heavily action based. Its pace is a frantic one that keeps the reader turning pages as fast as they can. The dimension that Pitt and his people need to travel into happens to also be the home of the vastly powerful being that attacked the gathered Monster Hunter forces in Las Vegas. The expedition rescure effort into the nightmare realm will likely be the largest operation ever undertaken by Monster Hunters International. More is on the line though than just the lives of those left behind. The fate of the world itself rests on Owen Pitts’ shoulders. If he can’t stop the being who calls the dimension home then it could be game over for all mankind.

With the MCB, a government ran organization that polices Monster Hunters and covers up supernatural events to keep the general public in the dark about the existence of monsters, breathing down Monster Hunter International’s neck and a powerful, god like being that little is known about lurking in the darkness, Owen Pitt is in for the showdown of his life.


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  1. uneasywriter says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sounds like fun. Who doesn’t want to battle darkness?

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