Napes by Richard Stevenson

Richard Stevenson

Napes, Napes, new world apes:
ain’t gorillas or chimpanzees.

Napes, napes, c’mon, pull the drapes;
let us get a good long look at you.

What, did you get tired of the competition
for good real estate in Africa or Asia?

Slog overland from Beringia
when the snow began to web yer toes?

Napes, Napes, such cryptid apes;
don’t wanna watch us watchin’ you.

Napes, Napes, such bold escapes …
Got no interest in performance space.

Wasn’t raised to swing on rubber tires,
Getting too old to improvise.

Napes, Napes, North American Apes –
Not supposed to be here. Lime in bars and caves.

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