Nessie by Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott
(Cryptozoology Files)

Nessie sipped her coffee, thought about
finding her way to the surface again
just long enough to get a few things at
the store, but the paparazzi. Oh, those blasted
humans with their cameras. And the technology
keeps getting better, but they still get
the most unflattering photos. It’s like they want
to make her look bad.

The counselor says the PTSD from the last time
has almost been counseled out, but maybe the
Xanax has done more of the work. Nessie wonders
when the homeland will legalize. Maybe that would
change things, taking something more natural.

Nessie considers going out. Decides not today,
takes another pill, draws the blanket closer,
cuddles up with Bobo, and sighs. Maybe
something is still worth watching, but the underwater
cable leaves something to be desired.


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