Omar Blue and K-9 Town – In the land of the unknown

In this engaging tale about Doberman Omar Blue, his pack, and their amazing adventure, author Olyn Warfield tells of a place that dogs can go to where all pasts are forgiven. A place where love, loyalty and friendships flourish in a fantasy wilderness with no end to the mystique.

The story parallels humans in many ways, but dogs will be dogs… and more.

Enemies lurk but are never ready when the residents of K-9 Town, let loose their other sides.

Meet the real Omar Blue.

Episode 1 Wolf Bennie Ba’s surprise
Episode 2 Pack Love
Episode 3 Potbellies to the Rescue
Episode 4 King Cat Sateer – A Friend Indeed
Episode 5 Ready or Not, Here We Come
Episode 6 The Timber Wolves Cometh
Episode 7 The Powers Within
Episode 8 The Arrival
Episode 9 Contemplation
Episode 10 The Seer’s Plan
Episode 11 The Perils
Episode 12 The Seers’ Mischief
Episode 13 Shocka Takes a Walk
Episode 14 Dreams and Choices
Episode 15

Something Crueler Coming our Way

Episode 16

The Battle

Episode 17

Final Justice