Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon by Robert Frazier

Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon
By Robert Frazier

The piano man’s an australopithecine
Cheap suit yes but diamonds on his soul
Hammering the Zika Blues in 7/8s time
His Sun Ra headdress is really a camera

The barkeep sports Einstein’s locks
And the tongue of a nightingale
Her advice is always an equation
Love on one hand > evol on the other

A Marie Curie fan club is evolving tricks
Spinning radium into plutonium and
Gold into magazines of lead
The clock chimes 2 minutes to midnight

While the Kid and cowpoke Genghis Khan
Turn it back with a ‘60s peace march song
Where have young girls and men gone
“Gone to Boot Hill every one”

And above the bar Ghandi paints a mural
Of glowing truths on dead TV screens


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