Playing near You by Grove Koger

Playing near You
Grove Koger

They’ve scheduled
the end of everything, and
I just thought
you’d want to know.

We’re all invited, although
naturally there’ll be
a limited number of
front-row seats available on
a first-come, first-served basis.
If I were you, I’d
act now. They’re predicting
standing room only.

The light show is
going to be
out of this world, and
the sound, well, they tell
me the sound is unbelievable.
Forget the previews, this
is guaranteed to be
the real thing. Unique.

There’ll be one showing only.
It’s the end of everything,
and I know you’ll want
to be there.

Originally published in Limberlost Review, Special Fandango Issue, 1992

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