Meet Charles A. Gramlich

Charles Gramlich lives amid the piney woods of southern Louisiana and is the author of the Talera fantasy series, the SF novel Under the Ember Star, and the thriller Cold in the Light. His poetry and prose have appeared in magazines such as Star*LineBeat to a PulpPedestal Magazine, and others. Many of his stories have been collected in the anthologies, Bitter Steel, (fantasy), Midnight in Rosary(Vampires/Werewolves), and In the Language of Scorpions (Horror). Charles’s work is generally available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wildside Press. He also writes westerns under the name Tyler Boone. Charles blogs at and is happy to connect on facebook.

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Author page for Tyler Boone (aka Charles Gramlich)

Read his work in Altered Reality Magazine:

Poetry Prose
Peel A Tale Worth Telling
They Burn  
Far Beyond Home