The Art of Denny E. Marshall

Find out what else he does when being creative. Visit Denny’s bio in Altered Reality Magazine.

Brain Stems
1st published in Edwin Smith Magazine

Glass & Saucers
1st published in Meat For Tea

The Last Promise
1st published in Dreams And Nightmares Magazine

The Funnel Universe

Intruder Into the Funnel Universe

Slow Mutation
Not of this World
Screamer Plants
Ambush by the Trees

The Band –

1st published in Unspoken Water


The Stage
The Gray Mouse
Pyramid Towers Relocated

Dark Night
1st Published in Liebamour

Purse Invasion
1st Published in Z Composition  

Single Cell Satellite
1st Published in Cosmic Crime Stories

Gate #29
1st Published in The Horror Zine

1st published Speculative Bookshop
Time Machine
1st published Tightbeam