Recursion by David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

David C. Kopaska-Merkel
Kendall Evans

Where’s this starship been
Resembling a pretzel
Infinite figure 8
Maybe a moebius
Nor-easterlies, or their 4D equivalent
From another universe
Might be responsible
Or some minor deity’s
Momentary inattention

Its unscarred surface
Belies the great age
That seems to radiate from its hull
Surrounding space moves
With it, contained by some field
Our technologists do not understand
The ship’s skin shedding particles
That flare and sparkle

On meeting our mundane
Infinity / reality

What of crew and passengers?
Are the ship’s occupants alive?
Are they pretzel shaped
Or spiral, forms tortured?
Does one resemble a torus?
Has anyone at all survived?

Where is this starship bound?
The A.I. apparently still functions
Despite torqued shifts and alterations
Charting an inexplicable course
Our mathematicians and physicists
Will fail to comprehend,
In a fruitless attempt to decipher
Where it will end
                       or begin.


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