Sabine Thing by Richard Stevenson

Sabine Thing
Richard Stevenson

The Sabine Things ain’t aggressive or mean;
ain’t no gorilla escapee from some zoo:
he’s a grey-haired bipedal hominid
the like of me or you. Kinda shy, retirin’.

Hang fire with the blunderbuss, Gus.
Put away the bows and arrows, boys.
Don’t make such a frightful noise. He don’t
respond kindly to big, snarly dogs. Who would?

Maybe the Sabine Thing is not
a cousin of Bigfoot or Sasquatch
or maybe he’s a hillbilly relative
none of his west coast brethren want to know.

For sure, he’s intelligent, wary, though
not mean or contrary. Maybe re-think
your strategy. Tempt him with a bag of apples
or a hand of bananas. Wear hairy pajamas.


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