Satyr Insane by Herb Kauderer

Satyr Insane
Herb Kauderer                   
Kar-chon sits anchored
in the stream of soulless & damned
that rages through the underworld.
Crowds push at his rocky mount
surging blindly sometimes even
shaking the stones
he stoically rests upon.
Stationed, he grinds his hooves
on coarse rock keeping them
small & dull
while softly singing lullabies
of nonsense.
In his head he travels
on dreams & chaos
to a secret & gentle place.
He doesn’t know whose land it is
or why no one else
roams the emptiness.
All that matters is that here
there are more ways to be alone
than staying locked within a mind.
first appeared in Dark Regions #3 1997


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