Selected Scifaiku by Richard H. Fay

wander the ether
drift past strange and frightful beasts
bodiless journey
ray gun destruction
end of civilization
alien conquest
clash of tempered steel
armoured gladiators meet
robotic war games
gothic armour
mainspring powers pulleys 
clockwork knight
green chitinous domes
buzzing atop purple trees
insectoid city
she and I look up at the stars
and dream
silver dragon
steam-driven gears turn
metal maw smokes
green grass
grows upon Martian earth-
alien invader
drifting flakes
bare flesh melts –
sulphuric snow
temporal crack
steel man meets allosaur
dragon slays knight
purple methane swamp
yellow vampire tree
polypod at home
rainbow against black
birthplace of shining children
spiral nebula

Publication History

temporal crack originally published in Aphelion, May 2009.
drifting flake originally published in Aphelion, Issue 131, Volume 13, April 2009.
green grass originally published in Aphelion, Issue 122 Volume 12, June 2008.
silver dragon originally published in Beyond Centauri, Issue 36, April 2012.
purple methane swamp originally published in Aphelion, July 2007
hand-in-tentacle originally published in Aphelion, Issue 183, Volume 18. April 2014.
green chitinous domes originally published in Aphelion, Issue 123 Volume 12, July 2008.
gothic armour originally published in Scifaikuest (print), Vol. X. No. 2, November 2012.
rainbow against black  originally published in Illumen, Issue 8, Spring 2008.
clash of tempered steel originally published in Scifaikuest, February 2009.
ray gun destruction originally published in Aphelion, May 2007.
wander the ether originally published in Scifaikuest, Issue 20, May 2008.

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